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Campaign Bootcamp Switzerland is GO

Campaign Bootcamp is growing fast - with campaigners in other countries like Germany and Indiadeciding they also want to build a community of campaigners who are more effective, connected and confident about changing the world!

This week I’m really lucky to be joining the Bootcamp Switzerland team for their first ever Bootcamp training. 25 campaigners of all ages from NGOs, trade unions, grassroots groups and spare-time dedicated volunteers have come together in the beautiful setting of Rosenberg, Wila near Zurich. You can take a look at who they are on the website here.

The organising team are a varied bunch too - and they’ve put together an incredible week! Yesterday was kicked off with back to back sessions exploring the big and difficult question - ‘what is campaigning?’ and telling stories of ‘campaign fails’ - because like all good campaigners, the team here know how important it is to appreciate failure as part of the journey to creating change.

Today we have the campaign director of Amnesty International in Switzerland, Christine Heller talking about strategy and tactics. When she opened the session with the sentence, ‘Strategy is about making choices… it’s a road map for your campaign’ - I knew it was going to be good. After easing into things yesterday, the Bootcampers are being thrown in the deep end and getting really stuck in!

Tonight the Bootcampers will have their first proper scenario session (a fake simulated campaign they have to run throughout the week) - fighting the supermarket giants selling meat pumped with antibiotics and threatening the nation’s health.

How will they fare? Will their strategies stand up to scrutiny? Keep up to date as dramatic events unfold by signing up for emails from the team (google will translate it for you if you don’t speak German, like me!):

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